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​​We have been advocating for our loved ones whom we have lost to substance poisoning or an overdose. Since our beginning, we have created a total of 11 banners, each hosting roughly 120 images. We have also launched 3 billboards, in 2 states as of late. The purpose and vision of this project is to eradicate the stigma that is often attached to people suffering from SUD.

Addiction can no longer be categorized as a choice, because it is not! Alcoholism was declared a disease by the  American Medical Association (AMA) in 1956, and addiction was termed as a disease of the brain rather than a behavioral disorder in 1987. 

The faces that we see were people, human beings who are loved and had a lot to offer whether they knew it or not. These are our children, parents, siblings, family, friends, veterans, law enforcement, medical professionals, teachers, students and colleagues-the list goes on. They are more than a label or a statistic. When we look around us, the probability of those individuals that we see having been (in)directly exposed to the knowledge of overdose is higher than we could imagine.  

Advocacy and education are vital to our program and its operation, however, prevention is just as crucial. As PUTP focuses on expanding services and collaborating through widespread partnerships, our moral continues to stay true to our foundational roots. 


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