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  • Registered & Certified 501(c)(3) Charity 

  • Angel Mom

  • Founder of Picking Up the Pieces, Inc. (Non-Profit)

  • Founder of Recovery Response Helpline  

  • Certified CCAR Recovery Coach

  • Heroin Task Force Member

  • Emergency Room Victim-to-Victim Support

  • Harm Reduction Advocacy and Outreach 

  • Human Trafficking and Sex Worker Advocate

  • Youth Peer Support   

Community Support & Outreach

 As we aim to eradicate biases, stigmas, stereotypes and predisposed ideas, we harbor no judgement. We see this everyday in our communities and understand the need for proper and thorough education. Having firsthand, lived experience allows our volunteers, partners and affiliates to uniquely qualify as being the perfect advocates. Our definition of outreach is dear to us, and is one of the most cherished services that we have launched. As we meet people from all walks of life, we are able to cultivate longstanding relationships, which sadly, most have not had in a while. We see people as they are- a PERSON. We as human beings need love, nourishment, support, attention, validation, and encouragement which can be as simple as just being heard. 



We are working hard to be able to provide an updated resource guide. However we work in conjunction with like organizations and agencies to better serve our communities.




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I'm Michelle...​

Here you are safe. Here you are welcome. Here you will not be judged. Here you will get the support you need. 

Read my story... 

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